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Isitgoonair started its activities on 22 May 2007. It is the school webradio which was founded by Mr. Gaetano Strano and Mrs. Eva Zigon together with all the students, teachers and technicians who worked on it.
The first transmissions were podcasts of different types: interviews, news, musical programmes, book and film reviews, reports of field trips and also some short lessons.
The increasing spread of videos on the Internet (ex. YouTube and others) and the possibility to buy cheap hardware and software to be used to make videos, have turned the webradio into a webTV.Today isitgoonair is mainly a school on demand WebTv which produces videos. On some occasions some live transmissions via streaming have been experimented.

The activity has been accomplished thanks to the
Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Gorizia

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4 in 1

The project 4in1 is the evolution of Isitgooair-webradioTV, which is getting bigger and becoming a learning environment for the pupils.
The new project mainly aims at improving the teaching-learning process with the use of tools which are more suitable to our digital native students so to help them to reach their formative success.
In its official presentation on 28 January 2011 it included 4 sections: webradio, webTV, elearning and social network.
At the moment at school some pilot classes are using tablets (MLearning class, 2.0 Cl@ss) and this has led to a reorganization of the learning environment, which now includes: ePortfolio, Mobile, Social and Tech.

ePortfolio isitgoonair

Learning products

Mobile isitgoonair

Mobile learning

Social isitgoonair

Collaborative learning

Teach isitgoonair

The learning platform

tools for digital natives

ePortfolio Isitgoonair

Isitgoonair ePortfolio is the collection of the digital works made by the students with the tablets during their class activities and include mind maps, audio podcasts, videos, time lines, ebooks, comics, presentations. It includes also the products made in the Multimedia production Centre, which also includes the activities of Isitgoonair- webradioTV.


Some meaningful events in the history of Isitgoonair

Isitgoonair starts its activities

Isitgoonair starts its activities

The idea of a school webradio was introduced to the school staff by Mr. Gaetano Strano on 16 June 2006 when he illustrated a three-year project named: "Podcasting: from web radio to digital learning".

The project mainly aimed at improving the teaching-learning process through the use of new digital technologies.

He was supported by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio and the Province of Gorizia that gave the possibility to use some rooms which used to be part of the school caretaker’s lodging to create a recording studio.

During the first year (2006/2007) the work was shared between the two founders of the webradio: Mrs. Eva Zigon (who prematurely passed away on 20 May 2008 and to whom the radio is now entilted) and Mr. Gaetano Strano. Other teachers then, Mr. Marco Corbatto, Mr. Maurizio Silvestri and a technician, Mr. Paolo Buttignon, developed the website and helped with recordings and the editing of the first videos.

The start of the activities
22 May 2007

The start of the activities

The Director of Ufficio Scolastico Regionale, the Assessore Provinciale and the President of the regional branch of the National TV were present when the webradio started its activities on 22 May 2007.

Elisa’s band offered a live performance and were then interviewed by Paolo Maiolin, the first speaker of the webradio. During the years a lot of musical guests have been interviewed at the radio. We like to remember Zuf de Zur, Giuann Shadai, Giulia Daici, Soul Circus, Giovanni Maier, Doppia Personalità, RAM, DolceMania.

The team
a lot of passion...

The team

During the years a lot of students, teachers and technicians (among these Mr. Marco Donda is worth mentioning for his helpful support) and also freelancers (i.e. the speaker-dj Barbara Urizzi and the film director Matteo Oleotto) have contributed to the development of such an innovative project.

Some members of the team represented Isitgoonair at the National Festival of School Radios in Lecco and was organized by Radio Cristal and by Gruppo Ragazzi e Cinema in Oggiono in 2009/2010.

At the end of every school year, a celebration is organized at school during which the most relevant products of the radio are presented and some prizes in memory of Mrs. Zigon are given to some students.

The Guiness World Records

The Guiness World Records

In 2009 Isitgoonair set a record which was officially recorded in the Guiness World Record of London: 45 DJs were at the same time in the studio for a live broadcasting, the largest number ever!

The format of the broadcasting was edited by Ms. Mariella Longobardi and the paper work for the registering of the record was prepared by Ms. Nella Tucci and Mr. Gaetano Strano.

The guests
the interviews at Isitgoonair

The guests

During the years a lot of guests have been interviewed by Isitgoonair: we like to remember Margherita Hack, Moni Ovadia, Mario Capanna, Monsignor Domenico Mogavero, Marco Travaglio, Walter Mramor, Pino Roveredo.

Isitgoonair 4 in 1

Isitgoonair 4 in 1

Isitgoonair 4in1 was created on 28 January 2011 and it includes: webradio, webTV, e-learning e social–network.

Isitgoonair web radio includes interviews, music programmes, book reviews and more.

Isitgoonair webTV is the school weTV on demand which includes programmes like: news, video-lessons with the use of the IWB, documentaries, interviews and much more.

Isitgoonair Teach is the e-learning platform which is based on ATutor. it is used for courses for students with learning disabilities or students who can’t attend school because of poor health or also for adults.

Isitgoonair people is the school safe social network which is used for lessons, homework and group work.

The scientific editorial staff
live running commentaries

The scientific editorial staff

On 6 May 2011 there was the first live broadcasting at Scienza under 18, a festival that promotes the study of science. It was possible thanks to the scientific support of Ms. Alessandra Scattarregia.

During the 2014 edition of the festival there was even a HangOut with schools from Belgium and Greece that were working together with our school on an eTwinning project : Speaking Science with Pictures.

The sport editorial staff
Trofeo Rocco

The sport editorial staff

Sport has always played an important role in Isitgoonair.

Since 2012 the sports team has taken part in the youth football tournament Trofeo Rocco and has produced running commentaries of the matches and interviews to important representatives of the football world: i.e. Cesare Prandelli, Giancarlo Antognoni, Gianni Rivera, Roberto Pereyra, Antonio Di Natale, Simone Scuffet, Bruno Pizzul, Sandro Petrucci e Carlo Tavecchio.

Some relevant sportsmen have come to the studios for interviews. We like to remember Giorgio Petrosyan, Michele Mian, Paolo Vidoz, Matteo Bisiani , Marino Lombardo, Bruno Dreossi.

Videos and commercials
Elderly people safety

Videos and commercials

An achievement we are very proud of is the series of videos about elderly people safety we have created in collaboration with the Direzione Welfare of the province of Gorizia.

The project involved 13 students who played the roles of actors and technicians, two elderly actors, Ms. Edda Petacco and Mr. Sergio Floreani and some teachers, Ms Alessandra Pallavicini, Mr. Marco Corbatto, Mr. Maurizio Silvestri, Mr. Gaetano Strano who were greatly supported technically by Mr. Paolo Buttignon.

prizes and comments


The project Isoitgoonair has always been appreciated. Luigi Berlinguer wrote about it in his book "Ri-creazione. Una scuola di qualità per tutti e per ciascuno" in March 2014.

Education Minister Stefania Giannini also praised it during the event "Momenti di creatività nella scuola", which was held in Gorizia on 9 January 2015.

In addition, the project was awarded a prize on 26 February 2015 during the event Crescere insieme con What’s up at Teatro Verdi, in Gorizia.

Mobile Isitgoonair: M_Learning class

Isitgoonair mobile supports the lab activities that are made in the classroom with mobile devices (tablets, smartphones…).
On the M_Learning site it is possible to find the reviews of the most important 2.0 tools which can be used in different activities according to the objectives of each lesson. It is possible to find also some examples of how such tools can be used.
The site presents a variety of lessons based on Episodes of Situated Learning and a sitography organized according to subjects.


  • The creation of a multimedia lab with a PC for the production of digital resources and the development of new apps and an IWB
  • The development of a website which includes a collection of the best online educational resources
  • The enrichment of the present platform (www.isitgoonair.net) and the school website (www.isitgo.it) with apps for mobile devices (WebApp)

Social Isitgoonair: edmodo

Isitgoonair Social is the school social network. It is a safe environment, as necessary in a school context.
It uses Edmodo, the social learning network and microblogging platform which is the most used by teachers and students all over the world. Here teachers and students can interact and collaborate online.
It looks like Facebook but it is much safer because it is a close network. It allows teachers and students to share notes, links, files and resources; in addition teachers can send reminders, can create assignments and grade them, can create quizzes and polls and share events using the calendar. The students can take part in online discussions, send their homework, see their grades and communicate with their teachers. All operations are very fast and a lot of paper can be saved.


Centro di assistenza di Edmodo

Teach Isitgoonair: ATutor

Isitgoonair Teach is the elearning platform whoch has been made with ATutor. It is used to prepare the Episodes of Situated Learning, for course for students with difficulties, for in-depth courses, for school in hospital, for adult education.



Isitgoonair present and former collaborators


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